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An Old Fashioned Labor of Love...


Clyde and Daphne Williams, owners of Hog Heaven Barbecue and Ribs, have spent all of their married lives cooking together as a hobby. Any family member or close friend who had a birthday, graduated from high school or college, married, gave birth to a baby, baptized a child, had a family/friend reunion, celebrated a holiday, or just simply wanted to enjoy a good ole’ Southern pig pickin’, Clyde and Daphne cooked for the event. Most of these cooking events were centered around Clyde’s barbecue and ribs and Daphne’s special side dishes. They have always cooked the old-fashioned way… selecting only choice meats, cooking them slowly for hours upon hours in a rotisserie smoker with all-natural wood, then hand chopping and combining them with all homemade sides. They believe this method of cooking creates the best tasting food anywhere, and they do not believe in sacrificing quality for convenience.

Starting as a hobby, their business evolved from competition cooking, to catering, to participating in many fairs and festivals all over North Carolina. As a result of persistence from family, friends, and customers, Clyde and Daphne have bottled their very own delicious sauces and seasonings. If you are looking for great food served in casual style...Call Hog Heaven Barbecue and Ribs at 910-263-3099!